Homogenization, mixing, drying and nanoemulsion


EKATO SYSTEMS vacuum processing units are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, mixing and homogenizing of liquids or high viscous materials (UNIMIX), as well as for mixing and drying of solids (SOLIDMIX). From their Factory in Schopfheim, Germany, they are responsible for providing to the most complete solutions “state of the art” to the most prestigious companies of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry.


EKATO UNIMIX’s 100 years of experience endorses them as the most advanced technology in mixing systems for cosmetics (toothpaste, shampoos, creams, masks, lipsticks, solar milks), pharmaceuticals (gels, creams, injectables, ophthalmic drops, suppositories, suspensions, gelatin, capsules), Chemistry (polyurethane suspensions, printing colors, BMC), Food (mayonnaise, ketchup, aromas, mustard, salad sauces).

The supply capacity varies from simple equipment to complete turnkey installations, including full automation and GMP execution. The UNIMIX teams are subject to the greatest technological advances that increasingly require the demanding markets of the present and the future (cGMP, ATEX, sterilizable equipment, GAMP4, etc.).

Unimix LM

The UNIMIX LM laboratory type mixer is used to record important data during product development, which represent a reliable basis for later production (scale-up). All parameters such as speed, temperature and pressure can be adjusted variably. The homogenizing system of the laboratory mixers is a particular advantage since it is not only used for internal and external homogenization, but also for emptying and as a cleaning pump.

This small “plug-in” system is available as a 3 or 6 liter version.

Unimix SRT

Pilot Plant Reactor or for small batch productions. These are fixed or mobile units with internal or external product recirculation, cover opening system, simple installation (power and water supply), integrated CIP system, heating and cooling system and control, adjustment and registration system for all the process variables. Versions according to GMP and ATEX regulation.

Available units 25 and 50 liters

Unimix  SRC

The SRC models are the most used throughout its range, due to its great versatility. They are units with a hydraulic lid opening system with all the characteristic elements of the EKATO reactors: Paravisc agitator, Steriljet homogenizer, scraper system, heating and cooling jacket (steam, water or thermal oil) and systems control available according to the degree of requisition. In accordance with GMP regulations and possibility of ATEX execution.

Available units: from 100 to 10,000 liters

Unimix SRA

The SRA type mixer is based on decades of experience to qualify for all requirements in different industries, especially for large batch sizes. Unit with the same features as the other models with the only difference that the SRA version consists of a fixed cover.

Available units: from 500 to 20,000 liters.


EKATO SYSTEMS offers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, cosmetics, food and nutraceutical industries its SOLIDMIX range for the processing of any kind of solids (dry, granular, mix, merge, heat and wet). The scope of supply ranges from process advice, process scaling from laboratory to industrial productions to design, construction, installation, start-up and after-sales service.

They are vertical mixing and / or drying equipment in which the product has no contact with the bearings by having a cantilevered shaft, so that the product moves up the walls and down the center facilitating the process that is being carried out.


Unit for the vertical processing of crystalline products or with liquid or pasty consistencies. The VPT range, vertical process dryer, allows the drying and mixing processes while, the VPM range, vertical process mixer, allows only the mixing process.

The EKATO ISOPAS agitator, guarantees a process of mixing or intense drying of the product, especially for extremely viscous products, also allowing the mixing of liquids in solids and solving the certain problematic of fluidity with pronounced states of transition.

Solidmix VST/VSM

For the drying of crystalline products, coming from centrifuges and filters. Possibility of incorporating the chopper by the lower conical part to break agglomerates and mixing capacity of large volumes in short periods of time.


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Food and Biotechnology

mayonnaise, ketchup, aromas, mustard, sauces for salads.

Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics

creams, masks, lipsticks, shampoos, soaps, dyes, solar milk, masks, toothpastes, suspensions, gels, ointments, creams, eye drops, suppositories, injectables. Drying and mixing APIS, drying pharmaceutical intermediates.

Mining, energy and environment

heavy metal concentration processes, fuel conditioning with high boiling points.

Fine Chemical

Mixing and drying of intermediate products, drying of chemical products,

Chemical and Petrochemical

polyurethane suspensions, printing colors, BMC, polymerization of plastics, mixing and coating of plastic catalysts. Pasteurization, drying of species, decaffeination processes.