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Direct steam injection


Hydro-Thermal is the world leader in development and the manufacture of Hydroheaters (also known as Jetcookers). With more than 80 years of experience serving the following industries: ethanol and starch,  food and beverage, chemistry, pulp and paper, metal and other industries.

Hydro-Thermal heaters use direct steam injection (DSI). Mixing steam directly with process fluids or slurries is ideal for heating liquids in a wide range of viscosities and solid content at precise temperatures, while transferring 100% of steam’s latent and sensible energy.


  • (Also known as Jetcooker ™) Heats a wide range of liquids, from water to high viscosity slurries
  • Flowrate working range: 0,2 to 1.522 m3/h
  • Uses: pulp and paper industry applications, biofuels, ethanol and starch conversion, high volume water, anaerobic digestion, cooking and more


  • Optimized direct heater, handles high viscosity slurries and/or with a higher solids content.
  • Flowrate working range: 1 to 5.678 m3/h
  • Viscosities up to 40.000 cP
  • Uses: pulp and paper industry, bleaching, anaerobic digestion and other fibrous suspensions.

Noh (Non-obstructing heater)

  • Robust, capable of handling abrasive materials (such as sand or grit) or materials with large particles/fibers
  • Flowrate working range: 6,8 to 689 m3/h
  • Uses: pulp bleaching, cellulosic ethanol, meat paste, chopped and scalded vegetables, mining and metals, municipal and industrial wastewater and in-line water heating with a large temperature increase.

ATTEC® System

ATTEC Skids or Advanced Fluid Heating Skids are fully customized solutions that are designed, built and installed to individual specifications. Hydro-Thermal will provide the necessary components, including piping and control systems. These skids can be used to process any type of paste, including starch cooking, food manufacturing, chemical processing and everything in between.

Sanitary Hydroheater®

  • The patented 3A certified heater made of stainless-steel heats a wide range of liquids from water to high viscosity slurries.
  • Flowrate working range: 0,2 to 41 m3/h
  • Uses: cooking food and beverages, cheese and dairy production, sauces and pharmaceutical fluids.

SiverLine Smart Cooking System

  • CE-certified, FDA-compliant and sanitary 3A-certified system made of stainless steel for starches, slurries and products with high solids content
  • Flowrate working range: 1,1 to 45 m3/h
  • Uses: soups, sauces, beverages, dairy products, tomato-based products, starch-based products, high or low shear products, pasteurization, batch processing or continuous.

EZ Heater®

  • Only for hot water
  • Flowrate working range: 0,5 to 306 m3/h
  • Uses: Heating/filling tanks, washing, Clean in Place (CIP), sanitation, washing canned cans and chemical reactors

EZ Skid™ System

  • For hot water only, uses the EZ Heater®
  • Flowrate working range: 0,5 to 306 m3/h
  • Uses: Heating/filling tanks, washing, Clean in Place (CIP), sanitation, washing canned cans and chemical reactors


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Food and Biotechnology

Starch liquefaction

Grain mashing


Starch blooming

Meat slurry heating

Dye/colour injection systems

Starches and gravy cooking

Central hot water

Wastewater/anaerobic digestion

Clean-in-place (CIP)


Jacketed vessels/reactors

Tank heating

Tank washing


Jacketed vessels/reactors

Tank heating

Tank washing

Deaerator/boiler feed water

Rubber slurry

Whitewater chest/silo heating

Fresh water uses around wet end

Repulper /recycled fiber heating

Starch cooking

Pulp stock heating

Green liquor heating

Black liquor heating

Central hot water

Hose stations

Clean-in-place (CIP)

Mining, Energy and Environment

Ethanol liquefaction

Slurry mash heating

Slurry tank heating


Corn syrup production

Cellulosic pretreatment

Fine Chemical

Clean-in-place (CIP)

Jacketed vessels/reactors

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic

Clean-in-place (CIP)

Jacketed vessels/reactors