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BHS has specialized in cake filtration for more than 60 years. We supply a broad range of products for both batch and continuous processes. BHS filters for the separation of solids and liquids are used daily in different applications by more than 1000 customers around the world. All BHS filters are characterized by the fact that they work with a comparatively thin cake.

BHS Rotary Pressure Filter

Exclusive BHS equipment that combines the advantages of a rotary continuous filter with pressure operation to reduce implantation volume and increase performance and operational safety.

Its main features are:

  • Continuous operation with cake thickness from 5 to 100 mm.
  • Compact and fully automatic design.
  • Pressure filtration by pumping up to 3 barg standard execution or 6 barg special execution.
  • Washing by positive displacement of the water and possibility of countercurrent or different solvents in a single equipment (applications in extraction of active principles or contaminants) - drying by blowing of gas under pressure.
  • Discharge at atmospheric pressure without the need for vacuum locks or similar.
  • Intrinsically safe pressure-tight design for working with solvents.

This design is supported by more than 600 built-in rotary pressure filters with satisfactory operation. We have pilot units for demonstration of improvement performance against other technologies.

BHS Vacuum Belt Filter

Continuous filtration, washing and drying equipment, with customized configurations. Ideal for:

  • Fragile products.
  • Highly abrasive products (no moving parts versus the product).
  • Compressible cakes.
  • High productions.
  • Difficulties of washing - multiple stages and possible countercurrent.

Its main features are:

  • Fully continuous and automatic equipment.
  • Thin cake thickness, between 3 and 100mm.
  • Constructive materials: stainless, Hastelloy or plastic materials such as PP.
  • Pressurized executions for work with solvents or cGMP.
  • Mechanical compression or thermal steam drying.
  • Vacuum work without hydraulic closures.
  • Two options: mobile vacuum tray or indexing type (step by step movement with continuous filtration).

BHS Pressure Plate Filter

For rapid filtration and clarifications in streams with low solids concentration (<5%):

  • Fully automatic operation, including discharge and cleaning.
  • Pressurized (up to 6 bar in standard configuration).
  • Discharge by vibration of the plate tree (lower consumption and oscillations than with centrifugal system).
  • Stability, homogeneity and continuity of the cake guaranteed.
  • Possibility of operation with pre-layer and body feed (filled with inert) to improve filterability.

Plate filters are used in applications similar to candle filter, although their differentiation is in use in applications where washing is required or whose cake is not sufficiently stable in vertical filtering surface. Applications of clarification and recovery of active carbons or catalysts.

BHS Candle Filter

  • Fully automatic operation, including discharge and cleaning.
  • Pressurized (up to 6 bar in standard configuration).
  • Large filtration surfaces in compact container volumes (up to 108 m2).
  • Possibility of operation with pre-layer and body feed (filled with inert) to improve filterability.
  • Low cost of investment and operation.

Candle filters are ideal for rapid concentrations and clarifications of diluted streams, particularly with high volumes or flow rates. Possibility of batch and continuous operation with buffer tank for discontinuous automatic discharge. Typical applications with activated carbon, catalysts or any clarification

BHS Autopress

Unique equipment patented by BHS for the treatment of dangerous products, high added value or difficult filtration. Its typical applications are in the pharmaceutical sector (API filtration or HAPI filtration difficult, or recovery activated carbon in final product) or in chemical specialties. Its main features are:

  • Typical cake thicknesses from 10 to 25 mm (10 times less than a Nutsche system).
  • The filter plates are located inside a pressurized housing for total containment.
  • Filtration by batches washed counter-current reversible in direction, excellent washing performance.
  • Drying by vacuum or with hot inert gas (possibility to include system - N2 recovery) without moving elements.
  • - Mechanical compression of the cake up to 40 barg.
  • Execution cGMP, with CIP system and possibility SIP validated.

We have test units for rent and compare performance versus other filtration or centrifugation solutions, which combine or do not dry in a single step. It has significant improvements in operating time, space used and no residual layer compared to Nutsche Filters or Reversible Centrifuges.


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