Equipos para industria del petróleo y gas - Equipos industriales gas y oil

Oil & Gas


Brazos de carga
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Tecnología de mezcla y reacción
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Mezcla estática
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Tecnología de membrana
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Compresores y SRGA (FGRS)

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Compresores de pistón

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Sistemas de filtración

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Compresores de aire

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Sistemas de vacío y compresión.

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Soplantes de desplazamiento

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  • Marine Cargo Arms for ships
  • Lower and Upper Load Arms for trucks and trains
  • Rotating joints, Dry-Break, API couplings
  • Side agitators for storage tanks
  • Static mixers for crude, fuels and gases
  • Chemical additivation
  • Crude desalination
  • Gas dehydration
  • Steam recovery units
  • Aromatic recovery
  • Emission reduction
  • Gas separation
  • Nitrogen Purification
  • Burners for reforming, cracking, coking, boiler ovens
  • Torches for hydrocarbon processing
  • Fully encapsulated torches
  • Thermal oxidizers for halogenated waste, nitrogen, tail gases
  • Torch gas recovery systems (Flare Gas Recovery System)
  • Liquid ring compressors for combustion gas recovery.
  • Hydrogen, Ethylene, Propylene, hydrocarbon mixtures …
  • Amine and glycol filtration systems
  • Feed Filters for refining industry
  • Catalyst Recovery
  • API 619 Screw Compressors
  • Nitrogen Generators
  • Vacuum systems
  • Positive displacement blowers for gas transfer, API 619, roots type.
  • Bossters in vacuum units
  • Centrifugal decanters for effluent treatment