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Emco Wheaton is part of Energy Group of Gardner Denver Inc. We respond to the needs of our customers within these two segments: Fuel Systems and Loading Systems. EMCO WHEATON incorporates TODO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of DRY-BREAK® couplings and adapters.

Special Loading Arms

Our engineers have developed a number of loading arms for specialized service applications. If your application does not quite fit with any of the models listed please contact your distributor who will speak to us about what you require.

Top Loading Arms

We have designed and manufactured loading arms for more than 60 years. We focus on meeting the needs of our customers and we are able to deliver technically advanced solutions to suit almost any application in the world.

Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading offers benefits which cannot be achieved with top loading designs. As it takes place on the ground, it is inherently safer for the operator. It also allows for simultaneous loading of several tank compartments, increasing speed and efficiency of loading. Bottom loading is easily adaptable to vapor recovery systems.


DRY-BREAK ® Systems are used in any application where the accidental spillage of liquids must be avoided. Emco Wheaton invented the term “DRY-BREAK ® ” in the 1950s and it has become recognized in the industry as the leading brand of couplings that allow for spill-free disconnect of the two components. The two components are referred to as the “coupler” or “hose unit” and the “adapter” or “tank unit”.

The combination of Emco Wheaton and TODO DRY-BREAK ® couplings gives the end user the world’s greatest range of styles, materials, and working conditions.


We design and manufacture a wide range of Marine Loading Arms to load and unload almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers. Pantograph balanced mechanical link technology provides the stability and strength for this most demanding task.

Marine Loading Arm – B0030

Easy, safe and economical, the B0030 Marine Loader has proven its success over many years of loading and unloading tanker ships with fluids such as crude oil, chemicals, and liquid gas.

API Couplins

We have recently upgraded our family of leading API couplings in its category, making it the most complete range of API couplings available on the market today. Each coupling incorporates a large number of patented features that allow uninterrupted operation and guarantee a clean charging station without spills. Our couplings are approved for worldwide use and are recommended by major oil companies worldwide, as they work perfectly in some of the most demanding environments.

Todo Products

The TODO product range forms a vital part of the Emco Wheaton family. As with Emco Wheaton, the TODO team’s focus is our customers, so all of our products are designed with application needs in mind.

We know our clients rate safety, reliability, profitability and meeting international standards above all else. That is why all of our products are designed to meet those criteria.

TODO products have been used globally in the demanding industries of the oil, hazardous chemical and gas industries for more than 40 years.

Ball Valves

Our lightweight valve offer weight saving benefits for the road tanker industry but can also be found used in a variety of plant applications. A wide selection of end connectors is available and valve changeover is rapid due to the simple sandwich design.


To avoid dangerous sparks between a component and the tank during the loading operation, the tank must be earthed. The basic function of the DCMT 3 is to automatically earth the tank to the ground, preventing dangerous sparks between the rig and the tank and minimizing operator error.

Access Equipment

Specially developed to load silo-type tank vehicles, the E0264 has the majority of tanker access is required for loading or unloading, however in many cases operators need to have access to tanker tops to check security of man-lids or sample product. The most common form of tanker access and enclosure is the Folding Stair, these can be configured with a range of steps and step widths together with safety baskets. In case of a high variance of tankers and large working areas, a complex protecting grating system may be the better solution.


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