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Solids Handling

DEC group is a leader in systems and plants for the transport, discharge and dosing of pulverulent and granulated solids and has a wide range of complete solutions for loading reactors in safe conditions with explosive atmospheres, filling and emptying containers with either without total containment for toxic, sterile and explosive products, as well as complete facilities for the final packaging of products.

It is also a leader in Micronization of solids technology, a process of particle size reduction through the Jet Mills system or air mills, and in standard and custom-made insulators for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with solids handling applications of high toxicity.

PTS Solid transfer system

The PTS ® is an extremely efficient and safe method of transfer and distribution of both dry and wet powders, as well as granules. Its unique filtration concept, with a high efficiency internal flat membrane, makes it a unique system in dense phase. No moving parts, no external filters, installable in ATEX areas, with hardly any maintenance costs and with great flexibility for expansion projects.

Loading of reactors using PTS and discharge stations

The PTS system allows to incorporate solids to a reactor with total absence of oxygen, since the air that accompanies the product is eliminated by vacuum in the PTS chamber, and it can then be dosed with a nitrogen atmosphere. Thus, it allows the incorporation of solids in explosive atmospheres with total safety even when there are positive pressures inside the reactor.

Isocharge and insulators for discharge, dispensing and handling of toxic products.

DEC supplies customised solutions for safe and efficient handling of raw materials, including for toxic, corrosive or flammable products, implementing different process equipment (centrifuges, dryers, scales, micronizer, etc …) in the insulator, which allows reduce the space of the “clean room”, thus facilitating cleaning, handling, avoiding contamination and that operators come into direct contact with the products (thus saving the integrity of both the operator and the product).

The combination of the technology of insulators and the transfer of products in closed systems, make DEC the only supplier in the market that has solutions as practical as the ISOCHARGE, which, connected to the PTS system especially, solves the load of large quantities with a high operativity and levels of up to 1μgr / m3 of containment.

Big-bag loading and unloading stations

The emptying and filling stations of big bags are modular. This ensures an easy adaptation to the characteristics of the product, and to the production plants, regardless of whether the material is very toxic or not.

These loading and unloading stations have specific optional devices such as massage and deagglomeration systems, precise dosing control, “dedusting” function to extract residual dust from a big-bag when empty, among others.

A simple connection head with double tube and a two-hand lever mechanism ensures that the output of the big bag has a connection that is a dust leak proof and ergonomic at the same time. For primary containment requirements, there is a specific head that can be used for secure connections, guaranteeing a high containment equal to that of complex insulators, up to OBE 5.

DCS Drum Containment system

The DCS is a cylindrical stainless steel insulator with a transparent cover and two glove ports. Very economical compared to conventional insulation systems, the DCS ensures precise evacuation, free of contamination of the contents of the drums.

In combination with the PTS system, the DCS offers primary and secondary containment guarantees up to the most restrictive exposure limits, which allow the operator to open the double bags in a closed environment, as well as ergonomic handling and guarantees of optimal movement of the solid.

Micronizers JetMill®

Micronizers jet mill (MC JETMILL®). The range includes laboratory or galenic equipment, pilot plant and industrial equipment. All of them are fully scalable, quantitatively and qualitatively, from MC-ONE® (g / h) to MC (hundreds of kilos / hour).

The Jet Mill technology uses a Venturi injector to create a negative pressure and introduce the particles into a cylindrical chamber, followed by a subsonic acceleration (50 m / s). The nozzles placed in the peripheral ring of the chamber accelerate the particles at a supersonic speed (300-500 m / s). This produces a collision between the particles and their rupture, decreasing their size.


The Batchmixer offers a unique method in terms of speed, safety and flexibility, reducing the mixing time compared to traditional systems, allowing to mix powders with different characteristics in a totally closed environment.

The system is particularly appropriate for pharmaceutical applications where active substances must be handled without contamination in the environment. In addition, it avoids segregation problems during the discharge.

The solids are automatically introduced from any type of container or equipment, mixed in recirculation phase, and then discharged thanks to the PTS system. The internal baffle guarantees a homogeneous mixture.


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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

  • Transportation, mixing, dosing and containment systems for powders and other solids.
  • Secondary Pharma: insulators for dispensing, drying filter discharge, mixing, etc.

Fine chemical

  • Handling of toxic, corrosive or flammable products.


  • Multipurpose solids transport and addition systems