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The main activity of Filtration Group focuses on the design and manufacture of filtration installations and equipment for the separation of solids from liquid or gaseous streams, as well as the distribution and maintenance of these facilities, and the sale of a wide range of filtration consumables and spare parts.

Thanks to decades of experience, Filtration Group can supply standard solutions of very high quality recognized worldwide and in accordance with international codes, for all process sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, energy, oil & gas, among many others.

Versis pressure leaf filter

Pressure leaf filters, Vertical and Horizontal (formerly also known as Niagara type filter) the most used type of filter and of which Filtration Group has sold more than 5,000 units worldwide.

With a large filtration area in a small space and with small pressure drop.

  • Low price respect to its high-performance.
  • Low regeneration time between cycles.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Minimum pressure drop.
  • Filtration range that can reach up to 200 m2 of filtering surface.

Candle filter Cricket

The Cricketfilter® technology has been developed improving the characteristics of pressure filters and candle filters.

The Cricketfilter® offers many advantages:

  • Short filtration cycles.
  • Large filtering surface due to the design of the filter elements.
  • The filter has no rotating parts, which reduces its maintenance cost.
  • Contrast quality design and high reputation in the market.
  • Possibility of dry or wet cake discharge.
  • Easy discharging of the cake.

Static filters inline, standard and customized.

Custom-made filters of bags, cartridges, baskets, etc. to meet the specific needs of processes.

Extensive experience in multiple sectors allows us to meet with the specifications of our customers.


“Hydrotreater / Hydrocracker” feed filter for catalyst protection.

ProGuard technology allows to provide high level solutions for the refinery industry mainly: filtration in “hydrocracking”, “hydrotreating”, “cockers” …, as well as gas filtration, applications in food, biofuels or chemical industry.

ProGuard filters are a tubular filter design with backwashing. These custom-made systems meet the most demanding requirements of the petrochemical and refinery industries, as well as others. They provide an automatic operation, without maintenance thanks to a permanent metallic filtering element, and in continuous operation. The system continuously monitors the load of solids accumulated in the filter and initiates the backwashing cleaning cycle automatically.

Self-cleaning filters

Filtration Group automatic filters are highly efficient systems for inline filtration in closed conditions, without need of consumables or open the equipment between productions. Thanks to a control of the clogging by reading differential pressure, the self-cleaning is activated at the necessary time and regenerates the metallic filtering surface.

The combination of different types of internal filter elements and several options for cleaning methods, either by scraper or by internal suction and / or pressure channels, can undertake filtering tasks of very different nature such as filtration of food products, water, high viscosity adhesives, lubricants, oils, etc.

We have the possibility of supplying standard filters to customized solutions with several internal filter cylinders, up to 24 at a time in the same housing, and also to include control and several accessories for self-cleaning filters.

Dust collection

FILTRATION GROUP has know-how in design, selection and integration of suitable filter in optimal air and gas filtration equipment. Our equipment and systems for air filtration and other gases improve productivity and efficiency, contributing to product recovery and increasing environmental protection and safety at work. For more than 40 years, Filtration Group has been providing this type of ecological and economic solutions for dust filtration processes in gaseous streams with safety and cleanliness.

Simple, double and self-cleaning basket filters.

Basket filters of the highest quality, designs with a single basket, and also with double basket and manual or automatic selection valve. Self-cleaning designs through internal suction channel, specifically designed for water treatment in applications such as “water intake”, refrigeration circuits, equipment protection, etc.

Availability of different materials, control supply and accessories


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Chemical - Petrochemical

  • Dust collection.

Oil & Gas

  • Proguard Filters for HVGO, VGO, MCGO.
  • DeWatering / DeOiling and coalescers.
  • Filters for amines and glycol treatments.