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Drying by trays

The range of products of the Pink GmbH Thermosysteme includes equipment for drying and processing, vacuum soldering and sintering systems as well as low-pressure plasma systems.

Vacuum drying technology is used in the fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical in active ingredients, in the food, cosmetic and process industries. It allows static drying operations of wet masses from filtration or centrifugation (by vacuum drying ovens with trays or ovens with trays and air recirculation). It also has dynamic drying systems working on different drying principles according to the customer´s needs.


  • The objective of this process is to realize drying operations of products containing water or solvents without modifying their properties in any way.
  • During the process the pressure inside the oven is reduced to reach the evaporation points, even at low temperatures.
  • The process is optimized by the selective addition of heat and pressure control.
  • The scope of supply includes the control of the unit and the solvent recovery unit.


The chemical and pharmaceutical industry demand for the production of their sensitive products, and sometimes highly toxic, solutions that seek extreme cleanliness and be free of cross contamination.

The patented VSD system provides these benefits and is ideal for production under GMP / FDA conditions. Its main features are:

  • It does not have inaccessible surfaces
  • All the corners have been rounded.
  • It does not have sharp edges.
  • There are no connections for the support of trays or input and output of thermal fluids.
  • Polished surface.
  • Excellent temperature distribution.
  • Anti-corrosive materials.
  • Eccentric hinges (the door is not exposed to abrasion).
  • Very easy to clean.
  • They are designed for working in areas classified ATEX
  • The external dimensions are adapted to the customer's availability
  • They present a complete range of accessories and options: - Doors with heating. - Launches for the distribution of inert gas in all individual chambers. - CIP cleaning device.


For standard drying processes.

  • Trays and connections for movable thermal fluids.
  • Designed to work in areas classified ATEX.
  • Great versatility in dimensions and executions.
  • Heating in side walls, roof and floor
  • Available without shelves inside.
  • Possibility of entering with the cart.
  • Different types of doors.


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