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Farleygreene Ltd provides one of the largest ranges of sieving machines manufactured in the United Kingdom. Their equipment is recognized for the design and quality of construction, they pride themselves on providing sieving solutions to some of the most prestigious companies in the food industry, pharmaceutical chemistry and additive manufacturing.

Sievmaster 200–S Artistan Size

This simple equipment allows the producer to guarantee the integrity and quality of its ingredients and the product to the final consumer. The sieve is designed to be placed directly on a container, from a small bucket to a larger container with wheels. The ingredients are poured through the top and sifted directly into the container placed underneath.

Sievmaster 500-S Bakery Size

This competitively priced sieving machine will adapt to those who need to sift products in smaller batches but still require a fast and efficient system.

The mobile support provides a simple means of manoeuvring from one place to another, ideal where multitasking is essential or external cleaning is required. Its stainless steel construction makes this machine suitable for use in the most arduous environments; Ideal for the food industry, this sieve can also be used in a variety of other industries, such as chemical.

Sievmaster Slimline Range

Sievmaster Slimline models can be used as simple control screens in containers, but they are mainly designed to be fed by gravity in already existing or new production lines, and to perform a control screening in a static weighing container, a big bag, transport line or hopper.

The Slimline can be placed on top of the inlet duct to guarantee product reliability in an efficient and fast way.

Available in different diameters: 550, 950, 1250 and 1550 mm.

Sievmaster Easilift Ultra

The Sievmaster Easilift Ultra bag emptying station has been designed primarily for the food industry, where hygiene is vitally important.

Like the standard Easilift, the Ultra version also features a pneumatically assisted dust hood but is completely free of crevices.

Used in combination with Sievmaster Slimline SM550 safety sieve, this machine can process up to 25 kg of powder at a time, dispensing in containers, static weighing containers or incorporated in transport systems.

Sievmaster Slimline Easilift

The Sievmaster Easilift bag emptying unit can be used as a simple way to perform a control sieving in containers. If used with the portable structure with wheels, it is a perfect option for sifting ingredients in small and large quantities. To control the product in a container for static weighing, in a transport system or in a mixer, the unit must be placed on top of the entrance area to guarantee the product’s reliability efficiently and quickly.

Sievmaster Slimline Vacusiev & Pressure Sieve

The Sievmaster Vacusiev vibratory sieve is used to control the screening of toxic, very fine or dusty materials within a vacuum or overpressure line.

The product is screened in a single pass and transferred to the next process through a conveyor: the contaminants from the product, the operator and the atmosphere are removed.

Sievmaster E400 GRV

The E-400 GRV is a highly flexible and efficient solution for lower volume requirements. Aimed primarily at the food and chemical market, this modular unit can be adapted to meet the requirements as they change or adjust to different points in a process.

This model is the grading/classification variant.

Sievmaster E400 STV

The mobile design of the E-400 STV means that it can be easily adapted by the user for safety screening, grade sieving or low volume sack tipping.

This model is the sack tip variant.

Sievmaster Multiscreen Range

The Sievmaster Multiscreen 800, 1200 and 1500 vibrating sieve range offers users an economical way to screen almost any wet or dry product in 4 grades (3 screens).

These machines are fully adjustable and offer three-dimensional vibrations to sieve / classify almost all types of materials. Its unique weight configuration allows a total control of the residence time and the efficiency of the sieving of materials, thus maximizing the consistency of the sieved product.

Sievmaster 700-ST

The Sievmaster 700 is a 600 mm diameter machine with powerful vibration. This robust unit sieves the quantities of production material efficiently and continuously. Its strength lies in a rugged design and design that facilitates cleaning. By not having exposed rotating parts and a fully sealed drive system, this equipment can be used in the most arduous environments. It is perfect for areas of maximum use where high-pressure water jets are common and where rapid and efficient screening is vital.

Sievmaster Segregator

The Sievmaster Segregator range is suitable for separating wet and dry products. The wide sieving surface offers the product a longer sieving time and the unique linear vibration sealing system moves the product carefully towards the mesh to ensure that the material is sieved efficiently. This equipment is recommended for light and fragile products with low density.

Sievmaster Rota

The Rota centrifugal sieve is used to sift lumpy, sticky and dusty material.

This rotary sieve machine uses a rotating paddle to push the product against the mesh cylinder inside, forcing the fine product through the mesh and ejecting the coarse product.

The product is screened continuously, and large quantities can be processed quickly.

Sievmaster Disintegrader

The Sievmaster Disintegrader is a heavy-duty lump-breaking rotary machine designed to de-agglomerate compacted material or break down solid materials into a granular product with the additional benefit of check sifting it with a single stage.

The material decomposes, improving product quality and preparing it for the next stage of the process.

Sievmaster Ultrasonic System

Designed to fit Sievmaster vibrating sieving machines, ultrasonic deblinding systems prevent blockage and blinding of the mesh to provide efficient screening of powders and improve performance.


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