Fluid Bed Technology


Romaco Innojet is a leader in innovation for drying, granulation and coating with a range of high efficiency process solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It bases its technology on the fluid bed of air, originally developed and internationally patented by Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin.


The fluid bed technology optimizes the fluidization of solid particles and creates flow conditions that allow an extremely uniform mix of the product.


Complete installations for coating and granulation contain the basic components:

The orbital distributor Orbiter ® and the Rotojet ® spray nozzle on the bottom of the process equipment and the continuous powder recovery system working on the top of the Sepajet ®. The product is suctioned laterally by the equipment and the process can be observed through a glass windows. All the components are easily accessible for the cleaning processes realize automatically CIP, the disassembly does not require any tool. In addition, the facilities are equipped with a touch screen panel for easy operation of the control software.

Romaco Innojet’s VENTILUS® systems are available as laboratory equipment, pilot plant and industrial scale.


Coating of particles of size from 30 to 50 μm with INNOJET VENTILUS
Characteristic Great tendency to agglomeration
Solution Ensure controlled movement using the INNOJET booster Orbiter, and spray the liquid solution finely and uniformly in the center using the INNOJET Rotojet
Equipment INNOJET VENTILUS V-2.5, laboratory unit


Objective Formation of active pellets from 0.15 mm pellets until reaching the size of 0.9 mm
Growth of pellet size during long periods of process time
Solution Coating application using the INNOJET Rotojet. Controlled movement of the entire batch through the INNOJET Orbiter, without areas of low movement
Equipment INNOJET VENTILUS V-2.5 – V-800 laboratory unit, pilot plant and industrial production.


The AIRCOATER system can quickly, carefully and, above all, very uniformly, provide tablets and other molded solids of the most varied shapes, sizes, densities and specific weights with a coating, aqueous or organic.

The coating process can be observed through the upper glass cover at any time. The Orbiter ® Orbital Distributor and the Lineajet ® Spray Nozzle can take on the basic tasks related to the process, for example, “product movement and drying”, as well as “the application of spraying the liquid”.

The numerous advantages in relation to conventional installations are the result of the air process that will facilitate, the orbital movement of the products to be coated.


The head of this exclusive design nozzle, located in the center of the product container, has a horizontal and annular clearance (which can be adjusted in size depending on the material to be sprayed) and which is controlled by the air outlets arranged in parallel. As the upper part of the spray nozzle rotates, while the lower one remains static it allows a circumferential spray, even extremely fine resulting in an optimal distribution. The Rotojet ® nozzle and the Booster ® orbital distributor forms a single unit.


The Orbiter ® distributor prevents the products to be processed from being exposed to the air turbulence as usual and ensures that they move through an air flow bed in a controlled and uniform manner. The device installed firmly in the bottom of the container consists of circular rings that guide the air by plates arranged in steps on top of each other. The Rotojet ® spray nozzle is integrated in the center of the orbital impeller. This single nozzle has a large product output capacity. No flow of resistance or turbulence is created. Everything is in a harmonious flow.


This system of continuous work is especially used in the granulation and drying of small particles. The filters arranged in a star shape are cleaned with process air by means of a rotating air device. The dust that continuously falls from the filters continuously feeds the process. A zero-sum game in relation to the process air, in which the process is not affected. The filter media optionally consists of a conventional fabric, antistatic fabric mounted on a support stainless steel basket, a stainless steel cloth, a multilayer screen or antistatic plastic or sintered material, ideal for pharmaceutical use.


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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

  • Drying
  • Dust free granulation 99%
  • Tablet coating
  • HOT MELT coating
  • Encapsulation