Próximo Webinar: Membrane Technologies for Friendly Environment Process in Chemical Industries / 22 Octubre 2020 > Caperva

Próximo Webinar: Membrane Technologies for Friendly Environment Process in Chemical Industries / 22 Octubre 2020

Curso Webinar dirigido a: Ingenieros y profesionales técnicos de la industria química en
posiciones responsables del diseño, dimensionado y selección de un equipo de filtración para dar
servicio a sus procesos productivos, así como ingenieros de mantenimiento al cargo de estos
equipos, usuarios responsables de la producción o inclusive compradores técnicos con curiosidad
para conocer en más detalle estos equipos.

Fecha evento: Jueves 22 de Octubre | 11am
Duración: 90 min
Idioma: Inglés

Contenido y agenda
• Welcome and instructions, CAPERVA introduction and speakers presentation (5 min)

BORSIG Membrane Technology : (25 min)
•Basics on membrane separation principle
•Motivation of Membrane Separation Processes
•Vapor Recovery Unit , Ethylene Recovery Unit , Product Recovery Unit & Organic solvent nanofiltration.

DeltaMem AG: (25 min)
•What is pervaporation? Where is pervaporation used.
oDehydration and separating azeotropes
•Typical plant designs: pervaporation and vapour permeation
•How are the membranes used in industrial applications and what are the energy savings
•How are membranes tested for industrial applications?
•Potential applications such as esterification, aroma recovery, desalination.

PCI Membranes : (25 min)
•Basics about pressure driven membranes
oMembrane technology overview MF, UF, NF and RO
oType of membranes geometry
•Applications for energy consumption optimization
oConcentration processes upstream evaporators
oImproving quality of upstream fluids

•FAQs open to audience (10 min)

David Gladman David is based in Switzerland and works for DeltaMem AG (formerly part of Sulzer Chemtech), which is a company which specializes in the supply of pervaporation and vapour permeation membranes and plant He is an experienced professional chemical engineer with broad process and engineering design, product and process development experience gained over 35 years He has been responsible the design and implementation of chemical plant working in industrial gases, air pollution control and pervaporation He has direct
experience of the scale up, design, project management, installation and commissioning of pervaporation processes.
Piotr Bruzda Piotr Bruzda is a specialist in the field of membrane filtration technologies with emphasis on Membrane Bioreactor combinations and Drinking/Process Water Systems and Water Re use He has a broad engineering background and can translate technological problems into engineered solutions.  His water and wastewater experience spans over 16 years of industrial and
municipal experience throughout the World His main areas of expertise are Process Concept Feasibility, R&D and Pilot Study, Process Design,Engineering, Procurement, Automation, Documentation, Commissioning and Servicing.
Robin Wilmshöfer Robin has a master Degree in Biochemical Engineering by the Technical University of Dortmund He is working as a
Sales Engineer at BORSIG Membrane Technology since 2019 which is an 1internationally renowned company that offers leading and innovative membrane technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications He is responsible for feasibility studies, process design and basic engineering for industrial applications applied on product recovery sytsems provided by BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH.

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